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The MIC Holster for Glock Safe Action Pistols

Since 1997 the one and only design of the original MIC (Minimal Inside Carry) holster for Glock Safe Action Pistols has been a staple in The BuddhaWest and The Glock Army library of products. You will see imitations of this holster on the internet, you tube and many other places. What you see here is the first, and the original MIC holster.

I carried this holster as an off duty officer years ago when Kydex holsters first came on the scene. I made some MIC holsters for friends and fellow officers and the concept quickly caught on. Now there are several companies making a style of holster similar to the MIC but there is no holster on the scene like the one and only original MIC.

Lets take a look at some examples of the Original MIC Holster for the Glock Safe Action Pistol.

Click on the images below to see the MIC Holster close up!

The Original MIC holster for the Glock Safe ACtion Pistol - In Black Kydex


The Original - PremiumMIC Holster for the Glock Safe Action Pistol in Carbon Fiber Patter Concealex


We have many law enforcement officers that carry the MIC for their off duty weapon. States where Law Enforcement uses the MIC:

Kentucky - 6 agencies

Nevada - Two agencies

Federal - 1 agency

......and growing all the time!!!

Discounts given for any LE agency that buys multiple quantities of the MIC - Minimum of 10 Holsters

Dealers may inquire about distribution for the MIC by contacting us through GlockTech.com. 50 holsters is the minimum order to become a distributor



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